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In honor of my 100th entry, I am writing a "101 Things About Me" entry. I love a challenge. It's 101 things because "100 Things About Me" just sounds like there's something missing. If you do not care to know so much about me, go ahead and skip over this entry. I won't be offended. So, in no particular order (other than numerical, of course)....

1) I was born in Ohio, Land of Corn.

2) I was born on January 2, at either 7:40 a.m. or 9:00 a.m.

3) The reason for the discrepancy in times is because my birth certificate and my birth mother claim different times of birth. My b-mom admits she was groggy when she looked at the clock, but it was a fairly common practice to change identifying information on adoptees birth certificates back then.

4) I'm adopted. Since birth.

5) I have approximately 8 pounds of cheese in my fridge.

6) I think WIC has some sort of deal with the Dairy Federation.

7) I love dressing up in costumes.

8) My favorite HTML tag is the "a href="" tag. I like to abuse it.

9) I gave birth to my daughter 9 months ago, without any drugs whatsoever. I didn't even take Tylenol after she was born.

10) I am a badass momma.

11) I have always loved children, and always wanted my own.

12) I am teaching my baby signs so that she can communicate with us even though she can't yet speak.

13) Her first sign was the sign for "eat".

14) I am one-quarter English. My grandmother has an accent and everything.

15) I love to sing, and am very good at it.

16) I love to paint, and am very good at it.

17) I love to draw, and am very good at it.

18) Thanks to Caerula, I love to quilt, but I am not very good at it. Yet.

19) I dye my hair red.

20) I plan to have at least one more child. Probably two.

21) I have three cats. One belongs to Hero and I and was given to us by Natalieeeeeeeeee, and the other two are Maverick's kitties. We are foster parents!

22) My first pet was a little dog named Cricket. Someone gave her to my mother as a baby present for me.

23) While we were on a family vacation, someone came and let Cricket and our other dog, Shannon, out of their pen. We found Shannon, but I never saw Cricket again.

24) I took four and a half years of French. I can still understand most of it, but can no longer speak it very well.

25) I am part Scottish by birth, as well as by adoption.

26) I married my high school sweetheart.

27) I used to get terrible migraines regularly.

28) I love chocolate.

29) I also love spicy food.

30) My favorite color is green.

31) My second favorite color is blue.

32) I also really like purple.

33) Though I haven't done it in years, I love to shoot a bow. Recurve, not compound.

34) I have a BFA in Graphic Design (or will have, once the degree arrives in the mail).

35) I was in "gifted and talented" classes all through school.

36) I am a Capricorn.

37) I am 5'7".

38) The Matrix and The Princess Bride are two of my all-time favorite movies

39) I like being smart.

40) I like being a smart-ass.

41) It is a goal of mine to join as many diary rings as I honestly can.

42) I write the songs that make the whole world sing.

43) I have one tattoo: the Chinese character for Love, on the lower right side of my back.

44) I want about two more tattoos. One will be an angel on my upper left arm, as soon as I find or create the perfect angel.

45) I also want to get my navel pierced, as soon as my tummy is completely back in shape from childbirth.

46) I love the feeling of being barefoot in cool, green grass.

47) I used to be an active Scottish Highland dancer. (I still consider myself a dancer, just not an active one).

48) I can play the bodhran.

49) I used to paint oil paintings with my hands.

50) I have had my own showing of my paintings, accompanied by Maverick's writing.

51) I can't believe I'm only halfway through this list.

52) My favorite smell is the smell of spring.

53) I once had two hermit crabs as pets. I don't know why. I did not like them.

54) I also had, at one time, a dwarf rabbit as a pet. His name was Puck, and Hero got him for me as a Christmas present.

55) One of the things I most hate is unfairness.

56) And yet, one of my favorite lines from The Princess Bride is: "Who says life is fair? Where is that written?"

57) My other favorite line from that movie is when Miracle Max says: "If he's all dead, there's only one thing you can do. Go through his pockets and look for loose change." When Hero and I were dating, we used to make out while watching that movie. Even while kissing, that line would make me laugh.

58) I used to write poetry.

59) I used to work at Kinko's.

60) If I had to choose one of those things to return to, it would be the poetry. Without a doubt. (Kinko's. *shiver*)

61) I dream in color.

62) I sometimes have prophetic dreams, but they never seem to be about important things.

63) When I was a child, I used to see ghosts. I'm a bit disappointed that I seem to have grown out of that talent.

64) I am thinking of bleaching my hair platinum blonde, or at least putting platinum blonde streaks in it. (Any input is welcome).

65) I will be performing either "Shadowboxer" or "Foolish Games" (or both) at the gig on Easter.

66) I have a scar on my left knee where I got five stitches on my second day of kindergarten.

67) I have a scar on my right knee where a bad scrape got infected when I was in 6th grade. This is common in Capricorns, since the knees are a part of the body ruled by that sign.

68) I like to knit, but not crochet.

69) 69. Heh. heh-heh.

70) I work out with a Tae-Bo tape five days a week.

71) I can type at about 40 words per minute.

72) Still, this entry has taken me about a week to write.

73) I love Google.

74) I still cry when I think about 9/11.

75) I'm glad that I can.

76) In grade school, my teachers called me a "sensitive" child.

77) I have golden-brown eyes.

78) I love being female.

79) My TV was manufactured in April of 1981. It says so on a sticker on the back.

80) I am almost finished with The Lord of the Rings. (Once all the conflict was over, I stalled. I don't think I'm quite ready to say goodbye to the characters yet.)

81) There are 7 other diaries that I read regularly. They are:

Adventures in Nebraska




Uncle Bob

Mimi Smartypants


82) I believe breastfeeding is best for children, and I have breastfed Pearl since birth.

83) I am studying to become a Bradley Natural Childbirth Instructor.

84) I am thrilled that I've finally found a cleaning product that will remove the mildew stains from my bathtub grout.

85) In high school, I was Secretary of the Drama Club. (Natalieee was in the Drama Club too! We were Thesbians!)

86) I once played The Stage Manager in one act of Our Town.

87) I was also in the Color Guard in High School. Some of my best high school memories are from that.

88) I played the clarinet, too.

89) I had my first kiss at age 15, at Band Camp.

90) I lost my virginity at the age of 16. (But not at Band Camp.)

91) My family is the most important thing in the world to me.

92) I love Sunday mornings when Hero, Pearl and I hang out in our bed and snuggle and play.

93) I have lots of sisters. One sister in my nuclear family, I have two half-sisters from my birthmother, and four sisters-in-law.

94) Hero and I had an outdoor, Scottish wedding. All the menfolk except my dad (minister included) wore kilts and we had a bagpiper play all the music for the cermony.

95) My first official job was as a bagger at Kroger. That ended when the workers went on strike.

96) I have lived in Ohio, Michigan, the California desert, and here in Virginia. The desert was one of my favorite places, though I think I would have been terribly homesick if I had lived out there for more than 4 months.

97) I was once on television with perm rollers in my hair.

98) I own four autographed books.

99) I believe in magic. Really.

100) I belive there is a God/Goddess that loves us all, no matter what.

101) I am more interesting than I thought.


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