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Life is a Magic Thing, Woah.
assembled @ 9:18 a.m. on 2005-11-18

Life is interesting, isn’t it? It really doesn’t matter what’s going on around me, the circumstances of my life. I mean, it does “matter”, to some small extent, but problems can’t keep me from being happy unless I let them. Like now. My van is dead again, and with the mileage on it, it’s really not likely to be reliable ever again, even if we do get it fixed. I am, officially, looking for a new (to me) car. This, one might say, could be a tad stressful, but instead, I have had an amazing week. Sunday, I was invited to sing at a wedding this Thursday (last night). Short notice, but no problem, plus I got paid more than I thought I would. How did I get there, you might ask? Well, I have made a new friend, who I will call Jewels, and who is obviously an angel. Seriously, this is the most generous woman I think I have ever met, and I have met a lot of giving people. (Aren’t I lucky?) Jewels feeds us, watches my kids and lets me borrow her husband’s new car so that I can keep my promise to sing at the wedding. When we met, we became friends immediately, and both of us feel like we’ve known each other forever. So, a miracle. Also, my coworker, for whom I do not yet have a pseudonym, bought my daughter clothes for picture day. I had to bring the kids in to work with me for a short time on Monday morning, because the car broke down abut a half-mile away from work, and Pearl helped my coworker (who really needs a pseudonym) clean her boss’ office, and she also typed a whole page on the old typewriter that hangs around here. The lady kept Pearl busy, for which I am grateful, and then, got her clothes. I work with the nicest people ever.

Have I mentioned that I love my job?

More miracles? Well, having no money for lunch this week, and not much to take from home, I thought I would go hungry. But no, not at my workplace. There was a free, and extensive, employee appreciation breakfast. And then a huge Thanksgiving Luncheon. Today, there will be a baby shower with food. I will not starve, and I can leave the food at home for the kids.

What else has happened, you ask? My husband has “taken to heart” some things I was saying about the housework, and has taken it upon himself to, on his days off, not only cook dinner, but to cook a double amount so that I don’t have to cook dinner the rest of the week. And have I mentioned how sexy he is? Damn, a cooking man is HOT. A bald, goateed cooking man is even hotter.

Pardon me; I drifted for a moment there.

I credit all these miracles to prayer, seriously. I know I only mention my spirituality occasionally on this page, though I’ve been sharing more and more. I’ve always had an aversion to conversations that were too…. Holy rollerish. I don’t like people trying to “save” me. So when I’ve been tempted to share, I’ve been very sensitive to that. I don’t want to look like one of those people. Really, all I want is to share this awesome, joyful, connection with Spirit, which is a great thing, especially when I remember to be connected.

What I did a few days ago was something that my pastor talked about at church on Sunday, and that is to make a written covenant with God (Goddess, Spirit, Universe, whatever you choose to call it. The name is not the important thing.) I wrote on one side of the page, in detail, what I am asking for, and on the other side, what I was going to give in return. I’ve been keeping my promise for just two days, and countless miracles (besides the few I’ve listed here) have occurred. I love having confirmation of my belief that life is a magic thing. Hm. Wasn’t that a song?

Anyway, I am going to post this now, before I lose my nerve for sharing, May you all have at least as many miracles as I do.


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