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No Dooce for You!
assembled @ 12:42 p.m. on 2005-11-09

Ok, so the job is obviously good, since I havenít come online to complain about it. Or obviously bad, as in I was fired, got depressed, jumped off a bridge, never to write again, which some of you may have suspected. (Hush, I like to pretend I have reader(s)). Either way, I wonít write too much or too often about it here, just because I donít want to get dooced. Itís too nice here. Really nice. Really, reeeeeeally nice, if you happen to read this, Mr. CEO. Iíve made wonderful new friends, Iíve made money, and Iíve made a difference, both in the world in general, and in peopleís lives specifically. So as much as I had feared the worst, going back to work, Iíve loved it. Also, I am a much better mommy now. I think I was just too burned out before, and I feel lame even saying that. But I donít suppose it really matters now. Weíre all happy. Pearl and Sprout love school, I love my job, we see each other after work and we share and hug and kiss and cuddle. The housework isnít done as regularly as I would like, but itís really not that big a deal. We can pay our bills, and eat now. I can afford clothing for my children, and weíve all made friends. Life is good, and weíre all growing up.

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I AM a 30-year-old mother of 2. I'm a singer, a songwriter, an independent business woman, an artist, a seer of beauty in all things. Welcome.

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