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Happy New Year!

I've been avoiding updating simply because I have so much to write about that the task seemed overwhelming. Also, the household Everquest junkie (aka Hero) has been monopolizing the computer since we returned from Michigan, and I feel like crap today. Not making for a wonderful entry so far, is it?

Bitching aside, Christmas and my birthday were very good, as far as presents were concerned. I mention gifts first because I am so geeked about having received a large, color flatbed scanner for my birthday, and a CD burner for Christmas. I will be a scanning fool as soon as I have the time and motivation to scan all the pictures I really want to scan. I have already scanned a few, including this one:

So now you all can see Pearl as I always see her.

It was really great to be with family and friends again, though I wish we lived in Michigan, so that we could visit my parents often, but still go home. It was wonderful to see them, but after about a week, Hero was getting annoyed with their little idiosyncracies, and no matter how much I agree with him, I tend to get defensive when someone complains about one of my family members. Even if it's another family member. Being in the middle was not fun, even if I'm the one that put myself there.

The night before we left for Virginia was my birthday, and a bunch of people visited. My sister, Red, and her husband, Richard; Maverick, and my father-in-law, Grandpa M, to see me; my mom's friends came over to see the newest member of the family. Of course everyone wanted to hold her right away, which I don't like. Not because they're not nice people, but because they're strangers to Pearl, and who wants to be handled by a bunch of people that they don't know? Not many adults would like that, let alone a six month old. Still, I passed her to one of the ladies, and Pearl smiled. That lady passed her to a second, and Pearl's smile wavered a bit, but I smiled when she looked at me, and she seemed ok. Then the third person to want to greet her (all within two minutes or less, I kid you not) was one of the husbands. Again, he's a very nice guy, but he has an abundance of dark hair on his face, and he got right up close to Pearl and started making faces at her, which made her cry immediately. I took her out of the second lady's arms and comforted her, but she never smiled at Sir Hairy the rest of the night. He felt bad about scaring her, but still agreed with everyone else, that she is a wonderful little lady. I'm glad that my mom is done showing her off for the time being. Honestly, I thought it was quite selfish of Mom. I kow she loves Pearl, but all that showing off was not for the baby, and was just too much scary stuff for her. Look at it from a baby's point of view: all these big people, that you don't know, making noises in your face and holding you away from your Mommy.... I'd cry too!

That said, I can't wait to move back to Michigan. Then we can visit more often, and still go back home afterwards.

Last, but not least, I saw Lord of the Rings twice. Neeeeeeto!


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